Why Hugs are good for your health ?

Have you hugged someone recently? If not, hurry to find someone to hug.

Why? You say. Look, who does not like to be hugged? And we have heard that embracing someone is very good for us.

But not just because we like to be hugged or hugged by others.

A hug carries energy and gives those who receive an emotional lift.

You need four hugs a day just to get through the day, eight more to maintain those four and twelve for the emotional lift we all need.

Scientists want to say that the act of embracing is a form of communication because a hug can say what we did not say. And the best thing about hugs is that you can not give one without receiving another.

So even science agrees that hugs are very good to give and receive.

Has no one hugged you yet? Need more reasons to go and knock on your neighbor’s door and hug him?

Ok, here are some very good reasons why it’s good to hug.

–  Hugs are almost like meditating or even laughing. They teach us to let go of the reins and enjoy the moment. Hugs make you forget for a moment and connect with your heart and emotions as well as you become more aware of your own breathing. No kidding, go now and hug someone!

– The energy exchange that takes place between two people is like an investment between the embracers. The more you invest the better the relationship will be. No hug yet?

– Whether you believe it or not, a good hug (skin to skin) can help you achieve better physical balance. (Tear yourself out and go and hug someone).

– A hug is almost like a good massage, it calms you down and you relax your muscles and stress leaks out of your body. Blood flow through the body increases. So one hug is like a workout in the gym. Maybe we should add hugs to the exercise programs?

– Every time you are touched, you feel better. (unless maybe you’re beaten) and touch boosts confidence. A hug does exactly the same thing. So plenty of them and you will radiate confidence.

– The longer the hug lasts, the better. It releases Serotonin in your body and you will be happier and less likely to go to the elephant. So when you get that perfect hug, don’t let it go.

– If you feel unwell, angry or lonely and isolated, find someone to hug.

– If you are locked in a psychiatric ward in a straitjacket, you are actually hugging yourself, but I think those hugs are not significant, but they are better than nothing. Try asking your psychiatrist who is treating you for a hug.

– The act of embracing gives one a certain security. This is definitely the reason why people who find themselves in dangerous situations hug each other tightly (probably gives a false sense of security). So the next time you ‘re on a plane and she’s crashing, hug the person sitting next to you. At least you get a false sense of security.

– Last but not least, a hug strengthens the immune system.

Have you hugged anyone? No? Hurry up, I’ll wait here for a while.

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