The right method of shaving FOR WOMEN – according to a specialist

In our search for soft skin, hairless legs and no straw under the hands, we usually stretch ourselves in a disposable razor.

Everything is shaved well and carefully, under the hands, the bikini area and of course.

The fact is, we use shaving to remove hair that we do not want on our body.

And the reason why we choose to shave this ourselves is that it is the cheapest solution for us.

But the point is to use a disposable razor to get all the hair out of the hooks and nipples of the female body can be twisted. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs, irritate the skin and you may even get a rash. Sometimes there is a risk of infection if you are unlucky enough to “cut” yourself to blood with the razor.

Here are 7 tips to get rid of body hair better with a disposable razor:

Invest in a multibladed razor

It’s all a matter of the right gadgets. A well-used disposable razor with multiple blades is the thing. The more blades your razor has, the less you will need to shave over the same area to remove all hair. And then you are not putting yourself at risk of cutting yourself to blood or irritating your skin.

Also remember to choose a razor that has a head that bends.

2. Discard razor blades as soon as they are bitten

Ok, if you are buying predatory disposable sheets then you try to keep them for as long as possible. But it should not be done at all. You offer home bacteria and increase the chances of cutting the skin to blood and irritating the skin with a leaf that is semi-biting. Razor blades can also rust!

It is recommended to use the same sheet no more than 5-7 times. If you shave three times a week, you renew the magazine every two weeks.

Use shaving gel for women

Something must be applied to the legs before you shave them. Personally, I recommend scrubbing the legs well with sugar scrub and oil, not rinsing the legs and moisturizing immediately. With this method, I shave my legs every 3 weeks or so.

But it is recommended to use shaving gel for women. These gels are very good, make sure you do not cut yourself and the skin will not be irritated.


It is also said that conditioner is very good to use on the legs for shaving. Just remember not to use this expensive fine that you use on your hair.

4. It is perfectly OK to shave against the hair growth

It is usually recommended to shave with the hair growth, but this advice is mainly intended for men and their beard shaving.

Shaving in the same direction as the hair grows does not irritate the skin, but if you good woman are using the right leaves and soap to shave you then you are in a good position to shave against hair growth.

Shave lightly – trim first

Do not push the razor firmly down, it may cut the skin. Tiny scratches from bleeding can cause infections.

It is best to shave rather loosely in the beginning, then see where the stubborn hair is and in those areas you can push down better to get everything now, but by all means, shave gently.

6. Shaving at the end of the shower

Do not start the shower by lubricating yourself with shaving gel and attacking the hairy legs. NOT AT ALL. It is best to start by washing hair and body, nourishing and scrubbing the body, rinsing hair and at this point the body is hot from the shower water. Now the hair is the softest and it is best to shave it off. Just remember to use a multiple razor blade.

One thing to keep in mind, do not shave tanned legs.

7. Cortisone or salicylic acid can be used in areas that are often a problem, but in small incisions that have been bled, an antiseptic should be used.

Even if you follow these masterful instructions, you can experience ingrown hairs and similar boredom. This is especially true for extremely sensitive skin.

If you regularly get small redheads after shaving, ask at the pharmacy what is best to apply to these areas. This article talks about cortisone creams and aloe vera. If you notice ingrown hairs then do not at all go try to get it / them.

It is best to use a rough skin scrub and rub the area well with ingrown hair / s.

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