How does sunscreen work? Do not forget to apply when the sun is shining

Even if the sun does not shine, you still need to take care of your skin.

There is talk of sunscreen and sunblock. What do you think is the difference between the two?

Sunscreen mixes organic and non-organic substances to form a filter on the sun so that it does not reach the deepest layers of the skin. Like a retaining wall. A little sunlight penetrates but not much at all.

Sunblock , on the other hand, acts as a reflection of the rays and does not reach the skin in any way.

The reflection on the sunblock together usually consists of zinc oxide or titanium oxide. It is easy to see who is using sunblock, just by looking at the person because sunblock does not let in any sunlight and you get no color.

What is sunscreen to protect?

The part of the sunlight that is filtered or blocked is ultraviolet rays. There are three types of ultraviolet rays.

– UV-A rays that go deep into the skin and can lead to skin cancer and the skin becomes wrinkled sooner.

– UV-B those rays make the skin brown and can burn it.

– UV-C are rays that do not reach the earth.

The organic molecules in the sunscreen absorb the ultraviolet rays and you just feel the heat.

What does SPF mean?

SPF stands for Sun protection factor. It’s a number you use to help you figure out how long you can sunbathe without burning.

Sunburn is the cause of UV-B rays. SPF does not have a strong protection against UV-A rays that can cause skin cancer and treat the skin very badly.

Your skin has a natural SPF, but it depends on how much melanin is in your body or how dark your skin is.

If you can stand in the sun for 15 minutes and not burn, then SPF 10 should be right for you. You can then, as it were, lie in the sun for 150 minutes and should not burn.

And if you use SPF in a higher number, for example 20 or 30, then you can lie out for 200 or 300 minutes and should not burn.

If you want good protection for the face and neck, buy a face cream with protection. It needs to be high, or about SPF 20 or higher and then wrinkles are kept under control.

It is best to be careful when sunbathing and always use sunscreen and preferably higher than SPF 20. We do not want premature wrinkles or skin cancer. Remember to have something on your head so the scalp does not burn and you do not get sunburn.

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