Four tips for fine legs

It can happen to anyone who gets dry feet and cracks in the heels. It can pay to pay attention to your feet, take regular foot baths and even treat your feet a little with grooming and massage. Many are barefoot during the summer and some suffer from severe foot dryness and cracks that even bleed. There are various products on the market to carry on dry feet. But if you want to give your feet some time, here are some simple tips that might work for you.

1. Take a warm foot bath with a saline solution that works well on cracked heels (eg Epsom salt). Let your feet rest in the water for 15 – 20 minutes. It is always necessary to dry your feet well afterwards (do not forget between the toes). Then apply cream on the feet and it is better to have it greasy for heels that are cracked (eg Vaseline). Then put on clean cotton socks afterwards so that the fat continues to be used.

2. For some, it is good to gently scrape dry areas and remove dead cells. Then soak the heels well with vegetable oil and rub your feet. You can use the type of oil you have (for example, olive oil or coconut oil) because most of them work well. When you have applied well and rubbed, it is good to put on clean socks and allow your feet to soften overnight. You will feel a difference in the morning, but you can expect it to take some time to get your feet good if they are in bad shape.

3. Make sure that the shoes are suitable and comfortable for the feet. When using blocks or tablets, there is sometimes a sag on the heel.  Walking couples should make a special effort to keep the skin soft or soften the old skin and scrape to prevent sores.  If it has been difficult to soften the sigg, you can wrap your feet in wet cloths or cotton socks and put plastic bags over them that are fastened with elastic overnight or depending on the situation to make them “soak”.

4. It is recommended to seek professional help from a podiatrist or doctor when the condition has worsened and self-help with home remedies does not work. Some people have ingrown nails, lice or other ailments that need special treatment, which is returned with a better feeling if the feet are cared for regularly.

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