Download Windows 7

Download Windows 7

Name:  Windows 7

Publication Date:  July 22, 2009

Platform:  Computer

Language:  Turkish

Version:  SP1

License: Trial Version

Type:  Operating System

Developer:  Microsoft

Publisher:  Microsoft

File Type:  Exe

File Size:  3.5 MB


What is Windows 7?
Windows 7 is the operating system developed and published by Microsoft. It has been developed for use on desktop, laptop and tablet computers. It was first released on July 22, 2009.

Offers a faster operating system experience than Microsoft’s previous operating system, Windows Vista. It allows you to turn the computer on, off, switch applications, and so on faster.

Provides a safer operating system experience in many respects than previous versions of Windows. BitLocker software, one of the most important innovations, allows you to protect your data by encrypting.

Thanks to its built-in compatibility functions, it allows you to run software developed for Windows Vista, XP and previous operating systems.

System requirements

Processor: 1.0 GHz and Above

Memory: 2 GB or more

Graphics Card: WDDM 1.0 & DX9 and Above

Disk Space: 20 GB and Above

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