Download Windows 10

Download Windows 10

Name:  Windows 10

Language:  Turkish

Type: Operating Systems

Version:   v1909 – 20H2 build 18363.657 (February 2020 Update)

License: Free

Developer:  Microsoft

Platform:  Computer

File Type:  Exe

File Size:  18.80 MB


With the windows 10 setup program from the original microsoft download link below; You can install windows 10 Pro , windows 10 Home , windows 10 Education and windows 10 S versions on your computer for free.

You can also upgrade from Windows XP / 7/8 to Windows 10 Versions with this program.

Windows versions in the program iso:

Windows 10 Pro

Download the original windows 10 file from the download link we have prepared for you with the 32 Bit and 64 Bit version of Windows 10 Pro operating system in Turkish free of charge and run the exe, follow the necessary instructions.

Windows 10 Home

You can download the 32 Bit and 64 Bit version of the Windows 10 Home operating system in the same way and start the installation process. The windows 10 versions we have prepared are UEFI supported. If you want , you can burn the Windows 10 iso file to usb or dvd and install it.

Windows 10 Education

You can also choose the version of Windows 10 Education during the setup phase. Includes all features in Pro and Home editions, including Windows 10 Enterprise . It is mostly preferred for academic universities and colleges.

Windows 10 iso

For those who are looking for Windows 10 versions in iso format in general, you can download the latest version from the download link, after you have made the necessary selections for the downloaded exe file , you will choose your file in iso format, either Windows 10 64 bit or 32 bit, in the installation menu that appears .

Windows 10 Full

You can convert the Windows 10 full download version to the licensed full version with the windows activation program from our site after selecting any of the versions I described above and installing the windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 is the operating system that Microsoft company released on July 29, 2015. It contains numerous innovations in terms of security, performance and usability compared to Microsoft’s previous operating systems.

One of these innovations is the built-in and free security system of Windows 10. The name of this security system, which is automatically installed on the computer with the operating system, is “Windows Defender Security Center”.

This security system is developed to protect Windows users from viruses, malware and websites, in short, from all kinds of threats in the digital environment. Moreover, by Microsoft, the developer of Windows 10.

With this innovation, Windows users are no longer dependent on second-party security software. A built-in, compatible, free and constantly up-to-date security system. This is really awesome!

Another issue users suffer from is the driver. Searching, installing, and updating device drivers individually after each Windows installation is a time consuming and tedious process.

Comprehensive driver support has now come with Windows 10. Most device drivers are installed with or automatically after installation.

Even these two innovations are enough to move from previous versions of Windows to Windows 10. But there is much more to Windows 10 really. The best way to learn about these innovations is to experience them. I hope you will experience the world of Windows 10 full of innovations and conveniences as soon as possible.

The ISO file will download in the download links is the current and original “Windows 10 MSDN ISO” file. You can use it safely.


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