Download Microsoft Office

Download Microsoft Office

Name: Microsoft Office 2019

Publication Date: June 12, 2019

Platform: Computer

Language: Turkish

Version: 2019

License: Preview

Type: Office Program

Developer: Microsoft

Publisher: Microsoft

File Type: Exe

File Size: 5 MB


What is Microsoft Office?
Microsoft Office is a software package developed for data retention, table preparation, presentation preparation, e-mail editing and similar office operations in the most practical way that appeals to the business world.

The software and its features are as follows:

Word is
a word processing software. It allows you to do your document reading, creation, editing and extraction processes in the most practical way.

Excel is
a table processing software. It allows you to create and edit tables in the most practical way. Thanks to its advanced features, you can organize even the most complex tables within minutes.

PowerPoint is
a presentation creation and development software. Thanks to the ready-made templates and advanced features, it allows you to prepare and edit presentations (slides) in a practical way.

Outlook is
an email utility software. It allows you to do your e-mail transactions in the most practical way, and to easily manage even the most intense e-mail traffic.

Access is
a database management software. It allows you to manage your databases in a practical way.

OneNote is
a note taking software. It allows you to perform your note taking and management operations in the most efficient way.

Publisher is
a publishing utility. It helps you to do your publishing operations such as newsletter, brochure and flyer creation.

System requirements

Operating System:  Windows 7 SP1 and Above

Operating System Architecture:  32 & 64 Bit

Processor: SSE2 Instruction Set & 1.0 GHz and Above

Memory:  2 GB or more

Video Card: 256 MB & DX10 and Above

Disk Space:  3 GB and Above

Software:  .NET Framework 3.5 and Above

Option 1: Download Microsoft Office 2016 Preview (32-bit)

Option 2: Download Microsoft Office 2016 Preview (64-bit)

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