Do you have back pain?

Back pain is related to how the bones, muscles and ligaments in the back work together. To improve this cooperation and prevent discomfort and pain, it is good to keep the following in mind:

  1. gym

Regular exercise promotes strength and moderate weight, but significantly more people suffer from back pain that is overweight than ideal weight. It is especially recommended:

  • Exercises that strengthen the core muscles in the center of the body and provide protection for the back. In this connection, it can be mentioned that the plank is considered one of the most powerful central exercises that can be done.
  • Stretching exercises aimed at increasing flexibility in the hips and thigh muscles, but they are very useful and preventive against back pain. Regular stretching of the groin, buttocks and thighs is recommended.
  1. Exercise
  • When standing, straighten your legs and torso, pulling your shoulders back and down. Tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles and make sure your hips are in a neutral position. Turn your face straight forward and spread your body weight evenly on both feet.
  • When sitting, keep your feet on the floor and the right angle at your knees and hips. If you are working with writing / computer, make sure that your elbows are also at right angles and that your forearms are in a horizontal position. Although good chairs are important, it is most important to get up regularly and not sit for too long at a time!
  1. Lifting objects and moving them
  • The best way to protect your back when lifting objects is to use the large and strong butt and thigh muscles instead of your back. In other words, bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting something off the floor. It is all too common for people to protect these large muscles by keeping their legs straight and overtraining their backs instead by bending it when lifting things off the floor.
  • When you need to move things, remember that it’s better to push things back to the floor than to pull them towards you.
  • It is common for sensitive people in the back to not be able to pull suitcases off the conveyor belt. Usually people are in too much of a hurry and do not pay enough attention to the exercise of the body, using one hand for the work instead of both, turning the body instead of turning straight, bending the back and not the knees and then pulling the bag towards them with a swing.

. Shoes

  • Although heels can be cool, flat-bottomed shoes put less strain on the back. In the correct body position, the spine is straight, the shoulders are back and down, the calves are relaxed and the body weight is evenly distributed on all the toes. When we are on heels, the balance shifts when the body weight moves to the toe, the chest and lower back are pushed forward and the hips and spine are put in an abnormal position. It also puts pressure on the knees, calves, heels and toes when dealing with this pressure and increases the risk of cartilage rupture in the back as well as other discomforts.

5.  The bed

  • The mattress needs to provide good support for the shoulders and buttocks, but so that the spine stays straight. Hard mattresses are not always the best for the back and it is best to choose a mattress that supports well but is also comfortable. Mattresses are not suitable for everyone either. Very light individuals do not need thick mattresses because they do not push the sponge down so much that it touches the bottom of the bed. However, they are often heavier when they have this type of padding between them and the springs. It is important that the pillow does not force the head so that the chin touches the chest.

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