Cuddling has a wonderful effect on health

Read about the many wonderful benefits of cuddling.

Relieves stress

When you cuddle with those you care about, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin, which calms you down and helps you fight stress.

Can be very good for the heart

It is good for the heart if the blood pressure is low and if the stress is low. Researchers want to say that women benefit more from this diet, but it now seems to benefit both parties.

May reduce pain

A good diet can be very useful if you have pain or are suffering from injuries. The oxytocin hormone released by the body can significantly reduce back pain.

Fights the cold

Hugs from those you trust can protect you from the common cold. Especially if you are under a lot of stress and are stressed. And if you are already lazy, a good cure is recommended to reduce the symptoms of a cold and prevent it from getting worse.

Forms a closer relationship with a spouse / boyfriend (s)

Oxytocin is often called the love hormone. There’s more to it in your blood if you hug your loved one often. Couples / couples who cuddle and kiss often and often are more often than not happier, healthier and less stressed.

Good for sleep

Once again, it’s Oxytocin we’m talking about. This hormone has unique properties. It calms us down and if people fall asleep in hugs then they should sleep very well.

Connects you more tightly to the new baby

Parents who cuddle with their children, especially skin to skin, relate better to their children and their needs. Studies have shown that fathers are more likely to be involved and this reduces the mother’s stress. Also, children are less likely to cry a lot.

Good for a child’s health

Cuddling with an infant can increase the baby’s oxygen, it calms the breathing and can reduce pain. If a baby is born prematurely, there is a much stronger chance that the baby will be born if it gets its cure with parents. This can help your baby’s brain develop, reduce infections and other diseases.

Should you hug your dog?

In fact, you should also hug your dog, you could experience the same good feeling. If you live alone, ie. Some dogs may not exist in a cuddle in bed.

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