Adolescent skin and self-esteem

This article will discuss acne, its causes, symptoms, its effects on adolescents’ self-esteem and remedies.  There are various remedies for this skin problem, but it all depends on the nature of the condition and the severity of what to look for, to a beautician, GP or dermatologist as well as home treatment which is usually …

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8 great reasons to smile

We should smile much more than we do. Smile in front of a stranger when we are in the store or taking gas. Smile to those we meet on the streets. And most importantly, stand in front of the mirror and smile at us. 1. Smiling strengthens our immune system. 2. Smiling makes others think you are doing …

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Four tips for fine legs

It can happen to anyone who gets dry feet and cracks in the heels. It can pay to pay attention to your feet, take regular foot baths and even treat your feet a little with grooming and massage. Many are barefoot during the summer and some suffer from severe foot dryness and cracks that even bleed. There are …

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