12 things everyone should do more of

No doubt you now know the things that fill your life with healthy happiness and joy. (and I’m sure it’s not a bag of potato chips, reading emails or sitting and gossiping).

But we all need a little reminder on a regular basis. And the good news is that you do not have to do these things five times a day or every day to see a significant change in your life. Several times a week or for five minutes a day, for example, can make a big difference. That’s a promise!

And with that in mind, here are 12 things we should all do more of.

–         Disconnect from the Internet and the phone.

Turn off the phones, especially at dinner time. Establish a rule “no phones at the table”. We do not have to be constantly documenting our lives for the social media.

–         Spend time with each other.

Really spending time with each other is the only way to connect. It’s a lot of fun to take Skype and chat with grandma or other relatives on the weekends, but it’s not that together and to stand in the kitchen with her and cook and bake. Decide together to create more time for human “face to face” communication with the people you love.

–         Put yourself in first place.

Many people tend to let their egos and fat bank accounts make their decisions. This thought: If we do not go to this party, they will definitely not invite us next. If we say no to this customer then we could lose his business. If we do not order drinks and appetizers, they think we are boring and blank.

Our emotional and physical well-being often ends up in the street. Take time off when you have days to spare, drink water, eat salad and say no to what you think is wrong.

–         Call family members just to say hi.

Your mom will love to hear from you and also your sister. Call! Do not store calls and call only if there is something wrong or you are missing.

–         Read a real book, not just those in computer format.

It’s so nice to lie down with a good book on a bed or sofa. Try to smell the pages. Books are a treasure trove of words that you can carry in your pocket. Spend more time with books.

–         Think before you answer.

Since we are endlessly answering text messages, e-mails and more, it has become so common to answer all of this within 5 minutes of receiving it. It is often better to take some time to respond to some emails and messages. Predict it.

–         Load daily, load more.

A four-year-old child laughs about 300 times a day, a person in his forties laughs about four times. Sad right? How can you start filling in the laughter quota? It’s simple, surround yourself with people who have a good sense of humor and are cheerful and fun, learn a joke or two or check out YouTube and find something funny to watch.

–         Try writing with a pen or pencil.

If you live far away, try writing a letter to your family. You could also write a love letter to your lover, husband or boyfriend / girlfriend.

–         Go to bed an hour earlier than usual.

When we are well rested, we get more involved and make wiser decisions. The emails will be there when you wake up and so will Netflix. Turn off the computer and TV and fall asleep in silence and complete darkness. This way the body charges itself better.

–         Find time to do NOTHING.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. On a day like this, it is ideal to go for a walk, hug your pet, go for a long and relaxing bath now or just lie on the couch and relax. This is necessary to charge the batteries.

–         Dress up in your finest.

I know that leggings and pants are very comfortable. But, sometimes you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Put on your finest polish, put on red nail polish and lipstick. There’s no need to be, you’re just doing this for yourself. Or when you’re ready, call your friends, sisters, or cousins ​​and call a coffee shop.

Wander around without GPS, without a specific destination and without a purpose.

Take a walk around your neighborhood. If you have a dog, let him arrange the trip occasionally. You never know who you might meet or what you might find on these walks.

I know you all know this, these are simple steps to make life even more wonderful than it is. Look at this as a soft pot in the back, just to point out that there is more to it than just an internet connection and all those things.

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