10 ways to get a firmer ass

1. Knee Bends :  Place your legs slightly apart and bend with a light weight below 90 degrees in the knee and back at least 10×3

2. Bends :  Place one foot in front of the other and then bend the knees so that the front is 90 degrees, while the back knee touches the floor, 10×3

Staircase :  Step up and down a box that is approx. 15-20 cm high, at least 10×3

4. Hip right :  Lie on your hands and feet with your knees bent and then straighten out of one leg at a time backwards, 10×3

5. Deadlifts :  Place one leg in front of the other and bend your knees slightly, bend your back and lift light weights held in front of your front foot.

6. Go to the mountains once a week.

7. Cycle outdoors or take advantage of spinning opportunities in the gym.

Jogging is a great way to strengthen your legs and buttocks.

9. Kickboxing :  Exercises performed in the kickboxing significantly strengthen the posterior thigh muscles and buttocks 

10. Try to walk as much as you can and take the stairs every time you can.

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