10 facts that all women need to know

Written by a woman to all women.

  1. All women have folds on their stomachs when they bend forward.
  1. If someone tells you you’re beautiful, believe them. They are not scaring.
  2. Sometimes we wake up with an aversion that could kill a goat.
  3. Against all women who are unhappy with their wear and tear, another woman wishes she had them.
  4. You should have more confidence. And if you see yourself as others do, you will have more confidence.
  5. Do not go looking for a man to save you. Be the one who saves himself.
  6. It’s okay not to love every part of your body… but you should still do it.
  7. We all have this one friend who seems to have it all figured out. This woman who seems to be living a perfect life. Think about it, you may be that woman in the eyes of others.
  8. You should resign in the first place. Not as an option, emergency or contingency plan.
  9. You’re a woman. That alone makes you extremely important.

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